Welcome to The Temporal Woman


The Temporal Woman is a website devoted to women who have chosen, or are considering, a temporal basis for living.

Our mission:

  • Foster a compassionate and empathetic community of women who share their experience in dealing with the emotional aspects of transition to, and life based in, temporal/secular perspectives.
  • Ease the transition for others by sharing lessons learned along the path to temporal living, much as hikers leave cairns along a new trail to serve those who come behind.

Through shared written and visual works, we offer:TW Definition

  • Our personal experience in grieving the loss of emotional comforts offered by our former beliefs.
  • Companionship for those who have lost their faith-based community.
  • Moral support for those who struggle with the mundane and extraordinary events life will invariably present.

The Temporal Woman is not affiliated with any professional organizations  and does not offer counseling. We are a collective of women who share our own experiences with others who have also chosen a temporal/secular way of life.

The Temporal Woman is not an organization or way of life. It is a communication channel for women who have a common need for understanding, support and identification.

Message to faith-based individuals:

The Temporal Woman respects and advocates an individual’s right to choose their own beliefs and asks that you do likewise.  To maintain a supportive environment, we do not permit or accept faith-based opinions or input, nor do we engage in debate regarding the validity of any deity or belief system.